Ứng dụng của máy in UV LEC2-300 vừa in vừa cắt bế theo yêu cầu

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Máy in UV LEC2-300 vừa in vừa cắt bế theo yêu cầu

Các ứng dụng đa dạng của máy in UV LEC2-300 Vừa in vừa cắt theo yêu cầu

Product Prototypes:

Decorating a space with an original design:

Short-run labels for special editions:

Personalisation of merchandise:

Control panels of assorted languages and colours:

Short-run labels for gift packaging:

One-of-a-kind interior decor:

Indoor signage with braille:

Labels for special events:

Special Finishesfor Exceptional Effects and Realistic Textures

In addition to CMYK ink, the LEC2-300 can be used with Clear and White ink configurations, for exceptional, premium-value printing. Clear ink can be used to add special effects like embossing and gloss or matte finishes, or for producing lifelike custom-textured effects by simply overprinting multiple layers of Clear ink. With 72 types of textured patterns included, it’s easy to create gorgeous prints that would usually require the use of time-consuming special printing methods.

Contour CutAny Size and Shape

The LEC2-300 is an integrated printer/cutter that provides precision cutting as well as printing functions. This single device can automatically contour cut any shape around printed graphics, photos or text to produce adhesive labels, stickers, and custom-shaped displays without using a die punching machine. Precise and powerful cutting force ensures crisp, clean lines around even the most complex shapes. A Perforated Cut function allows adhesive media to be die-cut for eliminating the post trimming process and supports short turn-around jobs. Combined with the new Multiple Print function and a new precision media take-up system, high-volume lots can be printed efficiently without attended operation.

On Demand,One-Off Production

Unlike ordinary printing processes that require plate making, design data can be simply output from a computer to the LEC2-300 via the bundled RIP software. The entire print production process is quick and simple—print as many copies as required when they are required. Urgent corrections or design changes can be printed right there and then. Impress clients by providing a tailored service beyond their expectations, even for jobs with limited copies or deadlines.